The National School of Local Administration (NASLA) graduated the first batch of its in-service training programmes with two hundred and eighty four (284) end-of-training certificates issued, and eleven (11) end-of-training attestations handed out.

Under the specialty of Administration and Management of Social Policies, the Senior Executives category recorded a general score of 92%; the Mid Level Staff category had 81.08%, and the Specialized Workers category scored 81.25%. For the Economics and Management of Local Finance option, Senior Executives scored a general average of 78.94%; Mid Level 92.59%, and Specialized Workers recorded 85.72%.

This statistic was disclosed by the Deputy Director General of NALSA, Madame ONGOLO Lidwine, during the handing of end-of-course certificates ceremony that held on the school’s  campus last Wednesday April 20, 2022, in the presence of invited guests, the well-deserving graduates, and NASLA officials.

Madame ONGOLO who sat in for the Director General Mr. TANYI TIKU BAYEE, away on other official duties, saluted the enduring spirit of the graduates; saying that the training was not an easy ride; especially given that they are all workers, some spouses and even parents. She encouraged the happy laureates to be steadfast in their drive for contributing positively in the struggle to render Cameroon a truly decentralized state.

The Deputy Director General assured the graduates and future trainees that NASLA has taken cognisance of the observed challenges and is in constant move to ameliorate training. This is in a bid to meet the ever-changing demands of the sector, as she conveyed the good wishes of the Director General Mr. TANYI TIKU, and that of the Minister of Decentralization, Mr. Georges OLANGA OBAM to these professional colleagues.

The Director of Training at NASLA, Mr. TEUBESSI Noel regretted that due to difficulties born of the present socio political crisis in the two English speaking regions of the country, one or two  of the preferred trainers were unable to be physically present or didn’t complete their course work. Citing the bulky nature of the translation task involved in both the online and on-site versions of the training as a major difficulty encountered during this first attempt at fortifying workers-in-training, Mr. TEUBESSI was unequivocal about NASLA’s determination to ensure improvement. He noted that out of the three hundred and six (306) approved candidates, two hundred and eighty four (284) took part in the exams, eleven (11) absences were recorded, and eleven (11) dropped out of the training.

On his part, Senator MBELLA MOKI Charles, the Guest of Honour at the ceremony expressed confidence in the content of the training. He urged the graduates in particular, and the public in general, to always make use of available opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills, even before making more demands. He then added that the quality of training determines the output in the field. He recalled the exchanges with ministers during the recently ended Upper House sitting in Yaoundé, with MINDDEVEL standing out; saying that the concerns of local councils have been tabled to the right quarters. The guest of honour added that he is confident that, in no distant time, many of these concerns will be addressed, and to the satisfaction of the people. The Senator congratulated NASLA officials for a job well done, and entreated every Cameroonian to opt for peace and peaceful resolution of differences.

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