Its creation

The National School of Local Administration (NASLA) makes its entry into the family of Administrative and Public Professional Establishments through Presidential Decree No. 2020/111 of 2 March 2020. It has legal personality and financial autonomy.

Its missions

Placed under the technical supervision of the Ministry in charge of Regional and Local Authorities and the financial supervision of the Ministry in charge of Finance, NASLA :

  • trains administrators of regional and local authorities in areas of competence and specialities of local administration in accordance with the guidelines defined by the Government ;
  • liaises with Regional and Local Authorities, their establishments, and trade unions or associations, to assess training needs in local government ;
  • develops plans for subsequent training ;
  • guarantees equal access to lectures and training in English and French, to any Cameroonian meeting the academic requirements, within its accommodation capacity.

Its functioning

NASLA is governed by a Board of Directors and a Directorate General.

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