NASLA Staff drilled and vaccinated against COVID-19

Staff of the National School of Local Administration - NASLA have been reminded of the availability and necessity to get vaccinated against the corona virus. This was during a sensitization session with a team of experts from the Regional hospital and Regional Delegation of Public Health, all in Buea.

The sensitization exercise which took place in the conference room of NASLA in Buea on Thursday, 08 July 2021 sought to address issues surrounding the COVID 19 pandemic in Cameroon in particular and the world in general.

Titled “Vaccination to put an end to COVID-19 in Cameroon”, the presentation was followed by a question-and-answer session, and culminated in a voluntary testing and vaccination phase, which saw many more people than anticipated, opting to be tested and vaccinated.

Giving her appraisal, the team leader, Dr. Oben Pamela Ayuk, who doubles as the Coordinator for Expanded Programme on Immunization in Buea, said the turnout and reaction exceeded their expectations. She explained that she began nursing doubts during the question and answer stage of the programme, given the kinds of questions that were asked, but that her hope has been rekindled with close to twenty people being vaccinated already, and expecting more.

To those who are reticent; those who still have doubts, to those focusing on rumours, Dr OBEN said “the vaccines are safe, effective, available, and free of charge”. She added that, in Cameroon, over 80.000 people have been vaccinated, and there has hardly been a case of side effects that are life threatening, or even one case of death. To her, this number alone indicates that these vaccines are safe and that everyone should accept them. At the end of the discussions, several NASLA staff volunteered to take the vaccine in order to completely eradicate the disease.



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